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Cromwell House

Victorian hospital ward from vintageprintables.com

So 2014 has been far too eventful a year, and I let this poor blog go dormant.  No longer!  I miss this project too much.  So now you’re going to stumble into it, like a forbidding doorway, full of shadows, cobwebs, and secrets.

ENJOY!  I can’t promise I’ll update often, but I can keep adding content.  The original premise of this project was to examine the eros of science fiction from the 19th century through the 1980s.  While I haven’t given up on that idea completely, I have decided to narrow the focus and keep things Victorian.  This does several things: it makes the whole blog more user-friendly, it is richer territory scholarship-wise, and it makes the project easier to handle for me, rather than dealing with three discrete eras in literature.

You’ll also note that this has moved beyond the bounds of science fiction proper, into what is more properly called “speculative fiction”.  This way I can bring in authors like Poe and George Eliot that ordinarily would not be shelved with scifi.  Some of their work should be considered along with more scientifically-oriented writers (or at least more commonly accepted scifi material).

With the stories I have selected, I’m looking for a very Victorian view of sexuality and eroticism: secret, mediated by technology (or metaphysics), male subjects/female objects, and the (female) body as something to be fixed.  Finally, I do brake for dominatrices when I find them, because what is more Victorian?

So please nose around, and feel free to leave comments and questions.  I can be reached via the “contact” page.




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